Today I begin

I am new to this so bear with me (or is it bare with me? either will do). I don’t want to discuss my past any more than necessary since I have hashed it over in my brain ad infinitum. I have a blog where I post humorous (I hope) stories and it is struggling to be noticed. I also publish the same stories on and I have much more success there, but I don’t know why. Added to this i have uploaded stories on where your stories can be viewed, rated, and reviewed on.

The ratings have generally been good but the reviews indicate how  each of us have our own meter for funny.

My stories are usually non sequitur in nature, which, I think, is somewhat of a turnoff for many. I wrote one that I thought was very good and the reviewer just didn’t ‘get’ it. But that’s OK, to each his own, as my mother often said.

Although I love to write humor, I hardly ever read it. I read mostly classic literature, history, fiction, and other things I can get my hand on. I go through genres like civil war history, WWII history, books by Joseph Conrad (Lord Jim my favorite), and other classic authors, cooking, just plain modern fiction, etc.

I love old movies. I especially like old westerns and if Jimmy Stewart is in them I will watch them over and over. one of my favorite movies is ‘Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House’. I am an architectural engineer and that movie strikes just the right chord with me.

I used to do woodworking but now limit my endeavors to fixing things around the house.

So are you all sufficiently bored now?

We have four dogs (please stop)….I like to mow the lawn (why can’t you stop?!)…I have a screened in porch that looks out on to a timber which is very peaceful (PLEASE, HAVE YOU NO SHAME??!!).

No, not really.

OK, what shall we discuss. I know, something that has bothered me for some time…the lost art of reading. Do you think that fewer people read than, say, 20 years ago? How about kids and their habits, you parents see your kids wanting to read?

Let me know what you think.




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